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Gladios Products Pvt. Ltd.

Private Label

We are Here to Support You At Each Step

We are Here to Support You At Each Step

Having the vision to create your own product line is where it all starts

Having your company logo printed on your products makes them uniquely yours. Create your own product and unique names to further develop your brand image and customer loyalty using the highest quality products with proven track records that you’ve personally chosen to meet the needs of your clientele.

Gain new referrals and have your name advertised throughout the community by word of mouth via your own customers sharing their personal experiences with your very own brand of specialty skincare products.

Gladios recognises your needs

We can customize individual product labels just for you by taking the best ideas from all of us to create your brand!

Gladios recognises your individual needs and our expertly trained sales staff will work closely with you to develop your private line of skin care products that fulfills your business vision.

Medical grade, research-based products

All of our products use scientifically proven actives.

Our products are specifically formulated to maintain beautiful, healthy skin and successfully treat many common dermal challenges.

All Gladios formulas are in compliance with state and federal requirements and all or our products are animal cruelty-free.

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